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A means of employing renewable energy 24/7 & increase grid resiliency all while saving you money & getting you closer to carbon neutrality.

To ensure our renewable grid runs at a minimal price with maximal resilience, energy storage is crucial. So we've created the best energy storage solution on the market. However, to ensure grid reliability & resiliency is optimized with our storage technology, our proprietary AI based software will be used to operate the storage units with the grid. With our Pods & Edge, your grid will be significantly more resilient to ensure power is never lost all while saving you - the customer a significant amount of money.


EarthEn Pods

EarthEn's Pods are flexible & future-proof in using CO2 in a closed loop to store 4-100+ hours of energy at a low cost, highly scalable & safe manner for a 30 year shelf-life.


EarthEn Edge

Our current grid is under constant attack, and with increasing changes in the climate, resiliency in the grid will only decrease.

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